Strangely Drawn

Web Design

C&C Kitchens

C&C Kitchens approached us at Fluid Studios to redesign their site and give it a fresh, modern look. The intended journey was for the user to either explore the ranges online, or visit the showroom to see real examples of kitchens and bathrooms. Customers in this industry are exposed to a lot of beautiful imagery in brochures, and I wanted that same feel to be continued on the site.

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Artesao Holiday Apartment

Branding, Web Design & Build, Photography

I created this website for fun, for my brother-in-law who owns an apartment in the algarve. While I don't code websites for a living, I do like to keep a toe in the water, so to speak, and have done so since I was around 13 years old.

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I created a custom icon set for the site—partly because I dislike icon sets with inconsistent styling, but also because I really enjoy it.

New Property Snagging

A neighbour of mine wanted to start a business offering site inspections for new-build houses. I wanted to help him get set up, so I built him a website and showed him how to host it. He later had a child and decided against starting the business, so unfortunately the site is no longer live. I experimented with "jekyll" (a static site generator that doesn't require php) for this project, because I had read about it and wanted to try it out. I can't really recommend using it, but it was fun to try all the same.


Fortem (formerly Willmott Dixon Support Services) are a large national property solutions provider. The company undertakes large building and utility projects, often spanning whole streets. They also have a strong charity focus and provide free services for selected local charities. We wanted to make sure their people-focused values shone through across the site, and we achieved that by using large photographs of staff and associates, and staff/customer stories.

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TI particularly enjoyed building the image grid system on this project, as it involved some tough challenges—keeping large carousels looking good on all devices is tricky. I also really enjoyed adding little finishing touches to the site, including a custom icon set and scrolling animations.

Some finishing touches

The Tilbury

While working at Fluid Studios, I worked closely with the director to create a website template that could be sold to local pubs and hotels, giving them an opportunity to have a premium-feel website at budget prices. The Tilbury website is an example of this template in action.

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K-Tec Microscopes

K-Tec had an over-complicated website with a large number of uneccessary pages describing products that were no longer on offer. I took the opportunity to strip back the design to make it really bold and simple. It was my intention to encourage people to get in touch via email or phone, business owner who has a huge wealth of knowledge and is very personable. This way he would be more like to secure leads.

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