Strangely Drawn

Graphic Design



Branding and brand guidelines for Petbase pet products. Logo created from scratch

Nicor (NHS)

Print Design

Annual reports for the National Institute for Cardiovascular Outcomes Research. Large documents including infographics, graphs and illustrations


Print Design

I have a really good relationship with the team at Moneycorp. They are experts in foreign exchange and boast a 50% female workforce. I've had creative freedom on most projects, which is really refreshing, and I think the results show.

I created an illustration style for editorial / semi-formal documents and web work. I've been able to offer and use this style on a number of projects. I'm really pleased with it, and it goes to show the importance of constantly learning and developing new skills

Fahrenheit London

Branding and Print Design

"Fahrenheit London" was a personal branding project I undertook a few years back. A friend and I decided to start up an agency selling marketing and creative services to up-and-coming bands. Unfortunately, it turns out that musicians don't have any money! While it wasn't a sustainable project, it was really fun to work on and I thoroughly enjoying meeting with musicians and creating content for them.


Print Design

I worked with the folks at for 4.5 years, and transitioned from Junior to Lead Designer during that time. There is too much work to mention, most of which I'd be too embarrassed to show, but here are some of my favourites.